Warmer Funded, CAKE & Globe and Mail Review

Warmer was funded! Thank you to the 294 backers and to the anthology’s editors Andrew White and Madeleine Witt for making this book a reality. I have a 10 page watercolor comic in it called Pollination. It is a small print run and won’t be distributed anywhere, so the kickstarter was the only way to get a copy of this book.

CAKE in Chicago was a huge success! Sound of Snow Falling and Yours by Margot Ferrick were 2dcloud’s best sellers of the show. Also, Raighne and I had such a good time there that we decided to both move to Chicago. So 2dcloud will be saying goodbye to Minneapolis this summer.

Thanks to everyone who is buying Sound of Snow Falling! It is finally available on 2dcloud.com, Amazon and in many comics shops and bookstores! I love getting messages and photos such as the one this anonymous reader sent: “Your book is beautiful and each page is a pearl, not so soundless, a bit spooky even. Bravo and thank you very much! I will spend time with it.”

There’s been more press too! Sound of Snow Falling was one of The 10 Most Interesting Comics of June according to Mental Floss. The Globe and Mail gave SOSF a great review here: Review: Katherine Collins’s The Collected Neil the Horse, Eleanor Davis’s You & a Bike & a Road and Maggie Umber’s Sound of Snow Falling.

For those of you who backed 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 Kickstarter, packages have finally started shipping out! I can’t wait for backer packages to arrive. It’s such a great group of books!

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