SOSF Reviewed on the AV Club, Parents/CBS Radio-Canada, Sequential State

My graphic novel Sound of Snow Falling got reviewed by Oliver Sava on the AV Club: Sound of Snow Falling shows the value of comics as a record of natural life . “The potential for comic books to serve as chronicles of natural life has gone largely unexplored, but Maggie Umber’s new graphic novel Sound Of Snow Falling (2dcloud) seeks to change that with its silent journey through a forest landscape over the course of a year.”

Thanks Erik Missio for including Sound of Snow Falling in your article Finding The Right Comic For The Right Kid on the Parents/CBS Radio-Canada website: “A longer shot may be Maggie Umber’s Sound of Snow Falling — a fully painted (almost photorealistic), wordless comic about a family of great horned owls. Meticulously researched, it’s slow-paced. If some comics can be thought of as graphic novels, this one’s more of a graphic poem. In other words, it’s definitely not for every kid, but if you have an owl-obsessed birdwatcher in your house, it might be the perfect, unique gift.”

On Sequential State Alex Hoffman writes in his Review: Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber: “Without the baggage (or crutch) of language, Umber must find a way to craft a compelling and propulsive narrative. Part of the way Umber accomplishes this is through careful color considerations.”

Tonight I’ll be at MN Center for Book Arts for An Evening of Fine Wine & Fine Books 6-9pm and tomorrow I’ll be tabling at Hamline’s The Marketplace 3-5pm. See you there!!!

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