Patreon Launch Oct 2

The Man in the Blue Suit patreon page will launch October 2nd. If you subscribe even just $1 you can watch me make my next graphic novel, via process posts and my new animated series.

Owl Portraits: A Mini Exhibition will be a 30 page mixed media mini-comic collecting paintings I’ve done of owls, mostly focusing on North American owls. It will debut in March at the International Festival of Owls in Houston, MN.

Look what @goodcomicsbykim spotted at The Beguiling in Toronto! Mirror Mirror II and Sound of Snow Falling are staff picks at this awesome store.

Also @marinaomi read Sound of Snow Falling and gave me a great review on Good Reads (“A masterpiece”).

Thank you to FamilyStoreUK for buying 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 KS, promoting it in your shop and talking up Summer 2017 KS.

The 2dcloud Summer KS was successfully funded! Thank you, thank you thank you everyone! It means so much to us to be able to continue publishing! This has been a hard summer, as we transition to our new lives and 2dcloud relocates to Chicago. Thank you! We love you.

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