SOSF Reviewed on the AV Club, Parents/CBS Radio-Canada, Sequential State

My graphic novel Sound of Snow Falling got reviewed by Oliver Sava on the AV Club: Sound of Snow Falling shows the value of comics as a record of natural life . “The potential for comic books to serve as chronicles of natural life has gone largely unexplored, but Maggie Umber’s new graphic novel Sound Of Snow Falling (2dcloud) seeks to change that with its silent journey through a forest landscape over the course of a year.”

Thanks Erik Missio for including Sound of Snow Falling in your article Finding The Right Comic For The Right Kid on the Parents/CBS Radio-Canada website: “A longer shot may be Maggie Umber’s Sound of Snow Falling — a fully painted (almost photorealistic), wordless comic about a family of great horned owls. Meticulously researched, it’s slow-paced. If some comics can be thought of as graphic novels, this one’s more of a graphic poem. In other words, it’s definitely not for every kid, but if you have an owl-obsessed birdwatcher in your house, it might be the perfect, unique gift.”

On Sequential State Alex Hoffman writes in his Review: Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber: “Without the baggage (or crutch) of language, Umber must find a way to craft a compelling and propulsive narrative. Part of the way Umber accomplishes this is through careful color considerations.”

Tonight I’ll be at MN Center for Book Arts for An Evening of Fine Wine & Fine Books 6-9pm and tomorrow I’ll be tabling at Hamline’s The Marketplace 3-5pm. See you there!!!

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It’s official: I just launched on Patreon! Check out my new page here.

If you love my artwork and books, consider supporting me as an artist. By the end of 2018 my goal is to finish my 30 page mini-comic Owl Portraits: A Mini Exhibition, my 200+page graphic novel The Man in the Blue Suit and a 40 page watercolor comic on insect mating behavior for an issue of Altcomics Magazine.

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Patreon Launch Oct 2

The Man in the Blue Suit patreon page will launch October 2nd. If you subscribe even just $1 you can watch me make my next graphic novel, via process posts and my new animated series.

Owl Portraits: A Mini Exhibition will be a 30 page mixed media mini-comic collecting paintings I’ve done of owls, mostly focusing on North American owls. It will debut in March at the International Festival of Owls in Houston, MN.

Look what @goodcomicsbykim spotted at The Beguiling in Toronto! Mirror Mirror II and Sound of Snow Falling are staff picks at this awesome store.

Also @marinaomi read Sound of Snow Falling and gave me a great review on Good Reads (“A masterpiece”).

Thank you to FamilyStoreUK for buying 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 KS, promoting it in your shop and talking up Summer 2017 KS.

The 2dcloud Summer KS was successfully funded! Thank you, thank you thank you everyone! It means so much to us to be able to continue publishing! This has been a hard summer, as we transition to our new lives and 2dcloud relocates to Chicago. Thank you! We love you.

Sound of Snow Falling reviews & 2dcloud’s Summer 2017 KS

I got three new reviews of Sound of Snow Falling last week!

Andy Oliver wrote in his Broken Frontier review:

“An utterly captivating foray into the natural world that should definitely be on your “must-buy” lists at Safari Festival this weekend.”

Terry Abrahams’ Sunday Review: Sound of Snow Falling on Wildness: A Curated Literary Guide says:

“Charged with careful realism, this book—published by independent press 2dcloud, which specializes in comics—is beautiful. The quiet is palpable, the pacing is perfect, and the glimpse at the life of a pair of owls is all too brief.”

And there was @solbacka / Daniel Falck’s marvelous review on Tumblr:

What for me was the most immediate and accessible part of the novel, was its depiction of winter light. The colour scheme is very restrained: umber, the colour used by the Dutch Baroque masters to give chiaroscuro shades, and near-monochromatic grayscale gradients dominate the work with blue. Some muted red is added here and there to give additional strength and contrast. For me, the effect is instantly recognizable. This is what winter light feels like.

Also, Tucker Stone wrote about my new Smash Pages interview on The Comics Journal blog, yay!

Finally, 2dcloud has 8 days left on our Spring 2017 Kickstarter! It’s 51% funded! If you love 2dcloud and these artists please support us in any way you can – like, reblog, tell your friends, pledge!

Black History Portraits, ANMLY25, Smash Pages & Summer 2017

Today has been a day of surprises. Several big things that have been in the works for many months have suddenly come to fruition.

I’m continuing work on my Black History watercolor series. My last two portraits, one of Jeanne Lee and one of Miles Davis, have turned into Tumblr collaborations with poets Daniel Falck and Michael Neal Morris.

ANMLY25 debuted today. The comics section of this issue features a lot of fantastic cartoonists including Aidan Koch, Austin English and Alyssa Berg. My contribution was an animated version of The Tooth. My 24 page comic The Tooth appeared in The Shirley Jackson Project edited by Rob Kirby and published by Ninth Art Press in September 2016.

“The Tooth” from Anomaly on Vimeo.

Also today, my latest interview with Alex Dueben went up: Smash Pages Q&A: Maggie Umber on ‘Sound of Snow Falling’: The co-founder of 2d Cloud discusses her latest graphic novel, her essay ‘Getting Divorced in Comics’ and more. Want to know what I’ve been up to lately? This is a good place to find out.

2dcloud is back on tour in August. Raighne will be at Safari Festival in London August 12th. He’ll have copies of this year’s debut books, including Spring 2017!

Sven Hegedus’s photo of his Spring 2017 books including SOSF. Books are still outgoing.

Finally, 2dcloud’s Summer 2017 Kickstarter is live! I wrote an update today for Spring 2017 backers that anyone can read here.

Warmer Funded, CAKE & Globe and Mail Review

Warmer was funded! Thank you to the 294 backers and to the anthology’s editors Andrew White and Madeleine Witt for making this book a reality. I have a 10 page watercolor comic in it called Pollination. It is a small print run and won’t be distributed anywhere, so the kickstarter was the only way to get a copy of this book.

CAKE in Chicago was a huge success! Sound of Snow Falling and Yours by Margot Ferrick were 2dcloud’s best sellers of the show. Also, Raighne and I had such a good time there that we decided to both move to Chicago. So 2dcloud will be saying goodbye to Minneapolis this summer.

Thanks to everyone who is buying Sound of Snow Falling! It is finally available on, Amazon and in many comics shops and bookstores! I love getting messages and photos such as the one this anonymous reader sent: “Your book is beautiful and each page is a pearl, not so soundless, a bit spooky even. Bravo and thank you very much! I will spend time with it.”

There’s been more press too! Sound of Snow Falling was one of The 10 Most Interesting Comics of June according to Mental Floss. The Globe and Mail gave SOSF a great review here: Review: Katherine Collins’s The Collected Neil the Horse, Eleanor Davis’s You & a Bike & a Road and Maggie Umber’s Sound of Snow Falling.

For those of you who backed 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 Kickstarter, packages have finally started shipping out! I can’t wait for backer packages to arrive. It’s such a great group of books!

Warmer KS Launch + interview in Les cahiers du bruit

My ten page watercolor comic Pollination is a part of the climate change poetry comics anthology Warmer.

The line up for Warmer is spectacular: Alyssa Berg with Catalina Jaramillo, Andrew White, Caitlin Skaalrud, Ellie Schmidt, Graeme Shorten Adams, Jonathan Bell Wolfe, Kimball Anderson, L. Nichols, Madeleine Witt with Anya Grenier, Maggie Umber with Raighne, Nick Soucek, Oliver East, Tor Brandt, Warren Craghead, Wenting Li, and Will Cardini.

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My interview with the French magazine Les cahiers du bruit is up. Thank you Denys Moreau for conducting the interview!

TCAF and Getting Divorced in Comics

My Sound of Snow Falling Book tour continues! The Toronto Comic Art Festival was incredible. You can read all about it in my Tumblr posts part 1 and part 2. I was pleasantly surprised that Time Capsule was reviewed in Pictures and Portraits TCAF 2017 discussion (video below).

One more awesome thing of note! I was on the TCAF panel Expressive Lines And The Power of Restraint which was moderated by Rachel Davies. Hellen Jo, Ron Rege Jr., Keren Katz, and Xia Gordon were the other panelists. So much fun! Next month I will be tabling with 2dcloud at another great comics convention! If you are at CAKE in Chicago, stop by and say hi.

In my new medium article Getting Divorced in Comics: we celebrated ten years of 2dcloud by ending our marriage I reflect on my history as a Co-Founder of 2dcloud and give our marriage the proper send off. It was inspired by Rob Clough’s High-Low article On The Occasion of Two Anniversaries: Personal Observations on Koyama Press and 2dcloud. Thank you to everyone who has sent their love and best wishes to us. <3

Beauford Delaney portrait, Sound of Snow Falling Book Tour

This past month-and-a-half has been busy! 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 Kickstarter was successfully funded <3 Thank you everyone!!! I did two podcast interviews, a couple of email interviews and Sound of Snow Falling got its first review.

Near the end of February I was contacted by Dr. Monique Y. Wells, the president of Les Amis de Beauford Delaney (in English it means The Friends of Beauford Delaney). In 2009 Monique raised the money to put a tombstone on Beauford’s unmarked grave and has worked hard to bring more public awareness to this amazing painter. Les Amis de Beauford Delaney is now working with the Wells International Foundation to bring the exhibit Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color to the US. You can join their effort here.

Monique came across my portrait of Beauford in a Google Alert. She then interviewed me about it for the Les Amis de Beauford Delaney blog. You can read the article here. Thank you, Monique! <3 <3 <3 It’s such an honor!!!

Greg Hunter interviewed me on Comic Book Decalogue, The Comics Journal’s podcast. I listen to this show a lot, but never thought I’d be on it!!!! I was also interviewed with Nou, Margot Ferrick, and Raighne on the We Should Be Friends podcast. I learned that I may be a Nihilist…

Philippe Leblanc interviewed me on the Comics Beat about my new graphic novel, great horned owls and 2dcloud‘s Spring 2017 kickstarter. Jason Sacks reviewed Sound of Snow Falling on the Comics Bulletin: Tiny Pages Made of Ashes 3/17/17: Heads In The 2dcloud.

My Sound of Snow Falling book tour kicked off at ICE CREAM comics fest in Iowa City on April 8th. In May, I’ll be tabling with 2dcloud at TCAF in Toronto, then in June I’ll be at CAKE in Chicago. You can buy advanced copies from me at these shows, otherwise, you can order from our distributor through amazon.