Publisher’s Weekly has reviewed 270°

Owl-obsessive Umber’s slim collection is a handspun collage of prints, pen-and-ink sketches, and thickly textured paintings that serve as an ode to the mysterious species. The bird portraits are striking and graceful—on one page, the face of an expressive, intelligent owl is juxtaposed with abstract earth-tone strokes that evoke both mottled tree bark and detailed feathers.

You can buy 270° directly from the 2dcloud here. Orders ship in August!

Wow ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII – A NEW COMICS READING was awesome <3 <3 <3 ! You can read my post about the night here.  I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of this.


I’ve been touring with 2dcloud in support of my new graphic novel 270° and the 2018 Spring Collection. Pictured in the photo above are Tara Booth and I at TCAF. Tara was there in support of her new 2dcloud graphic novel Nocturne. which is also a part of the 2018 Spring Collection <3 !

The week after TCAF I tabled at my first ever CZF ! I shared a table with Sam Szabo and sold 2dcloud zines and advanced copies of 270°.

My 12 page rubber-stamp black-lace weaver spider comic We Are Hungry is being shown in the PLANTS AND ANIMALS exhibit at The Learning Machine. The opening is tonight from 6-9pm.

I’ll be posting the full comic as a pdf download on June 2nd for my $5+ Patreon supporters <3 !

Next weekend is CAKE! I’ll be tabling there with 2dcloud and will have advanced copies of 270°. Stop by if you’re in Chicago! Or preorder 270° as a part of 2dcloud’s 2018 Spring Collection. You’ll get 4 books 4 zines and 1 poster all for half price!

2dcloud Spring Collection 2018 Launch!

2dcloud’s Spring Collection 2018 is available for preorder!!!! We are doing things differently this time and offering the preorder for our new collection on our website instead of on Kickstarter. My graphic novel 270° is a part of our collection, alongside graphic novels by Tara Booth (Nocturne), Eli Howey (Fluorescent Mud) and Alexis Beauclair (Vanishing Perspective) and zines by Justin Skarhus (Wander Maunder), Apolo Cacho (A Tunnel to Another Place), Fifi Martinez (It Felt Like Nothing) and Christopher Adams (Gustave Flaubert Trois Contes). For those of you who will be in Toronto this week, if you stop the 2dcloud table at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) you can buy advanced copies of the books.

Wish me luck in Toronto at TCAF! I’m doing my first panel of the year there.

Learning Centre (1st Floor, Toronto Reference Library) Saturday 10:00 AM – Mixed Media – Comics are just the combination of drawings and words, right? Wrong! Come and listen marvelously multi-disciplinary artists as they talk about how they incorporate photography, music, video, maps, and more into their kaleidoscopic comics. Featuring James Kochalka, Michael Comeau, Maggie Umber, and Ryan Barnett. Moderated by Glen Downey.

Chicago, Best of Lists and Discover Owls

In January I moved into an artist gallery / co-op in the Bridgeport area of Chicago. My new live/work space is cozy and includes three awesome roommates and two cats! I’m three blocks away from 2dcloud headquarters and the comics community here is incredible.

2018, like 2017, has been full of big life changes for me. In addition to moving to Chicago, I realized that I have OCD. I wrote a medium article about it: Stuck in One Gear: It Isn’t Funny Anymore or My Comic Life with OCD.

My graphic novel Sound of Snow Falling has continued to get great press. It was included in The Beat’s Best Comics of 2017 and The Beat’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the Indie and Small Press Comics Admirer thanks to comics reviewer Philippe Leblanc. Alex Hoffman wrote about Sound of Snow Falling in his article Comics That Challenged Me In 2017: Part 3.

James Duncan, author of Owls of The World: Their Lives, Behavior and Survival and the foreword to Sound of Snow Falling, has started a new company called Discover Owls. The company’s mission is to conserve owls through education and research. My watercolor of a barn owl in flight is included on his website.

SOSF Reviewed on the AV Club, Parents/CBS Radio-Canada, Sequential State

My graphic novel Sound of Snow Falling got reviewed by Oliver Sava on the AV Club: Sound of Snow Falling shows the value of comics as a record of natural life . “The potential for comic books to serve as chronicles of natural life has gone largely unexplored, but Maggie Umber’s new graphic novel Sound Of Snow Falling (2dcloud) seeks to change that with its silent journey through a forest landscape over the course of a year.”

Thanks Erik Missio for including Sound of Snow Falling in your article Finding The Right Comic For The Right Kid on the Parents/CBS Radio-Canada website: “A longer shot may be Maggie Umber’s Sound of Snow Falling — a fully painted (almost photorealistic), wordless comic about a family of great horned owls. Meticulously researched, it’s slow-paced. If some comics can be thought of as graphic novels, this one’s more of a graphic poem. In other words, it’s definitely not for every kid, but if you have an owl-obsessed birdwatcher in your house, it might be the perfect, unique gift.”

On Sequential State Alex Hoffman writes in his Review: Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber: “Without the baggage (or crutch) of language, Umber must find a way to craft a compelling and propulsive narrative. Part of the way Umber accomplishes this is through careful color considerations.”

Tonight I’ll be at MN Center for Book Arts for An Evening of Fine Wine & Fine Books 6-9pm and tomorrow I’ll be tabling at Hamline’s The Marketplace 3-5pm. See you there!!!

Be My Patron <3 and My October Book Events

It’s official: I just launched on Patreon! Check out my new page here.

If you love my artwork and books, consider supporting me as an artist. By the end of 2018 my goal is to finish my 30 page mini-comic Owl Portraits: A Mini Exhibition, my 200+page graphic novel The Man in the Blue Suit and a 40 page watercolor comic on insect mating behavior for an issue of Altcomics Magazine.

By pledging even just $1 a month you’ll get behind the scenes access to my studio. For $3 you’ll get early access to all of my comics and graphic novels as I create them. $5 will get you downloadable comics, $10 a discount on merch like books and t-shirts I’ve made, and $50 a month will get you a deep discount on my original artwork.

Thank you for supporting me in whatever way you can! Pledge, like, reblog, tell your friends!

Want to buy books and art from me in person? Or just hang out and chat about art and comics? I will be attending An Evening of Fine Wine & Fine Books at MN Center for Book Arts Fri Oct 13 from 6-9pm and tabling at The Marketplace at Hamline University Sat Oct 14 3-5pm in the Giddens/Alumni Learning Center. See you there!

Patreon Launch Oct 2

The Man in the Blue Suit patreon page will launch October 2nd. If you subscribe even just $1 you can watch me make my next graphic novel, via process posts and my new animated series.

Owl Portraits: A Mini Exhibition will be a 30 page mixed media mini-comic collecting paintings I’ve done of owls, mostly focusing on North American owls. It will debut in March at the International Festival of Owls in Houston, MN.

Look what @goodcomicsbykim spotted at The Beguiling in Toronto! Mirror Mirror II and Sound of Snow Falling are staff picks at this awesome store.

Also @marinaomi read Sound of Snow Falling and gave me a great review on Good Reads (“A masterpiece”).

Thank you to FamilyStoreUK for buying 2dcloud’s Spring 2017 KS, promoting it in your shop and talking up Summer 2017 KS.

The 2dcloud Summer KS was successfully funded! Thank you, thank you thank you everyone! It means so much to us to be able to continue publishing! This has been a hard summer, as we transition to our new lives and 2dcloud relocates to Chicago. Thank you! We love you.