Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie UmberSound of Snow Falling (2017), 2dcloud

A documentary style graphic novel following the lives of a family of great horned owls.

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Altcomics Magazine 4 (2017), 2dcloud

Maggie Umber, Juliacks, Christopher L. G. Hill, Stephen Hayes, Wiley Guillot, and Tracy Auch answer our questions and give us text unasked for. Kim Jooha and Blaise Larmee interview. order on



The Shirley Jackson Project (2016), Ninth Art Press

Seventeen acclaimed alternative cartoonists explore and celebrate the work of the legendary mid-20th century author Shirley Jackson. order on



Time Capsule (2015), 2dcloud

A cache of sketchbook drawings and the visual poetry of animals existing in nature.

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Startled Maggie (2012), 2dcloud

an auto-bio pointed at the ephemeral qualities of memory and what makes early life such a funny and charming place.

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