Sound of Snow Falling reviews & 2dcloud’s Summer 2017 KS

I got three new reviews of Sound of Snow Falling last week!

Andy Oliver wrote in his Broken Frontier review:

“An utterly captivating foray into the natural world that should definitely be on your “must-buy” lists at Safari Festival this weekend.”

Terry Abrahams’ Sunday Review: Sound of Snow Falling on Wildness: A Curated Literary Guide says:

“Charged with careful realism, this book—published by independent press 2dcloud, which specializes in comics—is beautiful. The quiet is palpable, the pacing is perfect, and the glimpse at the life of a pair of owls is all too brief.”

And there was @solbacka / Daniel Falck’s marvelous review on Tumblr:

What for me was the most immediate and accessible part of the novel, was its depiction of winter light. The colour scheme is very restrained: umber, the colour used by the Dutch Baroque masters to give chiaroscuro shades, and near-monochromatic grayscale gradients dominate the work with blue. Some muted red is added here and there to give additional strength and contrast. For me, the effect is instantly recognizable. This is what winter light feels like.

Also, Tucker Stone wrote about my new Smash Pages interview on The Comics Journal blog, yay!

Finally, 2dcloud has 8 days left on our Spring 2017 Kickstarter! It’s 51% funded! If you love 2dcloud and these artists please support us in any way you can – like, reblog, tell your friends, pledge!

Black History Portraits, ANMLY25, Smash Pages & Summer 2017

Today has been a day of surprises. Several big things that have been in the works for many months have suddenly come to fruition.

I’m continuing work on my Black History watercolor series. My last two portraits, one of Jeanne Lee and one of Miles Davis, have turned into Tumblr collaborations with poets Daniel Falck and Michael Neal Morris.

ANMLY25 debuted today. The comics section of this issue features a lot of fantastic cartoonists including Aidan Koch, Austin English and Alyssa Berg. My contribution was an animated version of The Tooth. My 24 page comic The Tooth appeared in The Shirley Jackson Project edited by Rob Kirby and published by Ninth Art Press in September 2016.

“The Tooth” from Anomaly on Vimeo.

Also today, my latest interview with Alex Dueben went up: Smash Pages Q&A: Maggie Umber on ‘Sound of Snow Falling’: The co-founder of 2d Cloud discusses her latest graphic novel, her essay ‘Getting Divorced in Comics’ and more. Want to know what I’ve been up to lately? This is a good place to find out.

2dcloud is back on tour in August. Raighne will be at Safari Festival in London August 12th. He’ll have copies of this year’s debut books, including Spring 2017!

Sven Hegedus’s photo of his Spring 2017 books including SOSF. Books are still outgoing.

Finally, 2dcloud’s Summer 2017 Kickstarter is live! I wrote an update today for Spring 2017 backers that anyone can read here.